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Hi! We are Alex and Clotilde.

Nice to meet y'all!

We live in Oregon, after spending two pandemic years in Switzerland. We are originally from Brussels, Belgium (the capital of Europe).

We love exploring, meeting new people, experiencing new cultures. We are lifelong learners and keen to share our love for science and nature.

We started this blog to share bits of our lives with our family and friends. If we can make it a useful space for others, let it be so!

What's with the name?

From "capu-" (our first and last names' initials), and "-city". The city of Clotilde and Alex Pierson-Ulbrich.

picture of Alex Ulbrich


I am the writer for Capucity. Too many ideas, never enough time. I believe writing is a good exercise and an excellent skill to develop. Communication (in all its forms) is a fundamental aspect of all living beings .

I am passionate about many things, including (but certainly not limited to) science, data, sports, nutrition, longevity, health, and space. I read a lot.

Check out my professional website if you want to work with me (or just learn more about what I do)!


Clotilde Pierson writes enough scientific papers to be exempt of writing on this blog. Check her out!

A strong advocate for daylight, she specializes in architectural engineering. Paving the way for better, more sustainable, buildings, while optimizing people's health indoors.

Clotilde is dedicated to everything she does, and to everyone she cares about. She's the perfect companion for me, and drives me to be a better human being every day.

picture of Clotilde Pierson

We are environmentally self-aware. We keep our indoor temperature low in the winter, and high in the summer (no AC). We eat a plant-based diet at home, and sometimes vegetarian meals on the go. We bike as much as possible.

In Europe, we stopped traveling by plane and did not own a car. Flights are, on an individual level, a huge source of carbon emissions.

We basically made the difficult but conscious decision to move to the US, knowing that it would dramatically increase of travel emissions. Until we can achieve carbon neutral travel, we offset our emissions as much as we can.

We believe that all living beings want and can live peacefully together. It's our best bet to transcend earth's boundaries and become a multi-planetary species.

It's OK to disagree with that statement. Diversity creates progress and benefits everyone! Share and discuss ideas while respecting each other.