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Hospital and Postpartum Checklists

Your hospital stay and your care after delivery.

January 26, 2024

view of the heliport at the hospital
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Recommendations are in parenthesis.

Have a large bag or suitcase with these items ready at least one month before the due date (or earlier). When the time comes to leave for the hospital, you’ll have other things on your mind.

We kept a bag ready with most things we could spare, and a note with things we had to add when leaving for the hospital (like toothbrushes etc.)

We recommend hiring a doula. They will reassure and comfort you before, during, and after delivery. They can also take pictures of the whole thing.

We also recommend birth and first aid/CPR/AED classes, and Hypnobirthing.

Take some time to discuss your birth preferences with your partner, provider, and doula. Check out the birth location is possible (tour of the hospital birthing suite for example). Note the different pain-mitigation options and other equipment.

Hospital Checklist

Mom / Parent 1

Dad / Parent 2


Postpartum Checklist

These can be added to the hospital bag as well.