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TMB Day 10: Tré-Le-Champ to La Flégère

Heights and Forfeiting

September 11, 2020

hiker hugging finish sign

TMB Stage 10 Anti-Clockwise

6.6 km
782 m
La Flégère
GPX File
Map map of the hike

It was raining in the evening the previous day. But fortunately for us (as usual since the beginning of the trek), the sky had cleared. The morning was just glorious.

early morning
Walking out in the early morning. Auberge de la Boerne was a cozy and cute place, with tasty food and super friendly staff, but the beddings were similar to what you get in a refuge, not the most comfortable.

The walk starts almost immediately in the nature reserve of the Aiguilles Rouges. The fauna and flora are similar to what we had the day before.

Going up is a breeze, captionhough it seems more crowded, probably because the path is narrower and we don’t move that fast. As we emerge from the forest, we can see the rock walls on our right. Soon enough, we see climbers training on them.

Can you spot the climbers? They are right in the middle. These kinds of pictures give you a better idea of the scales.

We knew that even though this stage was not particularly difficult, it’s the stage with the ladders. One and a half-hour in, we see the first colorful glimpse of people suddenly higher up. The ladders are not far ahead.

The ladders are a fun and relatively safe (if you're not afraid of heights) section of the TMB. Don't forget to tuck your poles, as they won't be of much use. And disinfect your hands after the climb.

After this small section, you finally reach the highest point of the day, and you can enjoy a wonderful walk down to La Flégère. The views of the Mont Blanc are just stunning.

On the far right, you can spot the retreating Mer des Glaces. At the back, the highest snowy bulb is the Mont Blanc.

On the way down, we were well ahead of schedule, and looking at what the last day would hold for us, we decided to end the trek at La Flégère.

The last day would have been a scenic walk down to Les Houches (1700 m descent) after the night in refuge La Flégère. Given our physical state (strained muscles and fatigue from uncomfortable beds), we thought that we might as well head back a day earlier.

We reached La Flégère and took the cable car down to Chamonix before jumping on a train to Valorcine and back to Switzerland.

Here ends our ten days (instead of 11 and with one sick day) Tour of Mont Blanc.

ladders from afar
The ladders look so small from afar
trail runners
Trail runners are present en masse on that stretch of the Tour
not crowded
Happy that there are not too many walkers this year