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TMB Day 7: La Fouly to Champex

Picturesque Switzerland

September 8, 2020

wooden scuplure over the trees

TMB Stage 7 Anti-Clockwise

15.5 km
510 m
La Fouly
GPX File
Map map of the hike

After a quick oats breakfast, we set out for a sunny day in the Swiss countryside. The walk to Champex continues in the Swiss Val Ferret. From La Fouly, we quickly climbed up to the side of the valley then slowly walked down under the trees.

Forrest Path Selfie

After two kilometers, we leave the shades and reach the valley ground. The way to Praz-de-Fort is uneventful. Most of the buildings on this route are quite old. And you might notice that they often bear Christian symbols such as rosettes or crosses. The older the building, the more ornate it will be.

Continuing on the way to Issert, we notice that our fellow walkers in front gather in a large group in the middle of the fields. What could this be?

This fetishist cat strives to get rubbed.

Everyone was stopping to pet this cat, and it never had enough. I suppose this year was like rehab for that cutie. With only 10% of the usual walkers, it had to be petted at least ten times more to get its dopamine levels.

Not in a hurry, we stopped for a juice in La Linaigrette, chatting with the owner and having fun with her dogs this time.

We continued to Issert, where the walk finally started to climb, all the way to Champex. Close to our destination, you’ll notice carved wooden sculptures at various places, as well as signs explaining different types of mushrooms.

We finally reached Champex-Lac and immediately found a restaurant for our lunch break, then continued to our hotel. After freshening up, we settled at the border of the lake to read in the sun. We were waiting to meet some friends that evening for dinner, and they would walk for us the next day.

Peaceful terrace
tiny village
Picturesque tiny village
Wooden squirrels