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TMB: The Tour of Mont Blanc

Walking the Famous Route around the Mont Blanc

August 22, 2020

landscape with hiker

Clotilde and I were looking to take some holidays.

Because of the pandemic, almost everyone was working from home and not going much on holiday. Then the summer kicked in and July and August saw a wave of European tourists travel all around Europe. Number of cases started going up. Great.

We already had holidays in mind but we wanted to stay away from public transport and touristic places. Walking around would probably be best, we agreed. I opened my trekking book and proposed a couple options: the Dolomites, Chamonix-Zermatt, or maybe the Tour of Mont Blanc (TMB).

Usually the TMB is crowded. Super crowded. People come from all over the world to walk it. Or ultra-run it. I started to check if bookings were possible. They were.

It was settled.

Below, I’ll explain how we planned the trek, what we packed, and finally how it all panned out. Hope you’ll like it!