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The Tour of Mont Blanc (TMB): Retrospective

Learnings and Some Wisdom

September 20, 2020

painted trail sign on tree
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Mountains are majestic things. Dangerous things. Changing things. Humbling things. Respect them. Respect nature. Preserve it.

Always be prepared when adventuring in the mountains, you never know what can happen. We had a stretch of superb weather. Not sure it will ever happen again like it did this time. You never know.


All of us, deep inside, we like things whole.

This was at first really frustrating, but I quickly realized that it doesn’t matter.

Corrected GPX recording of the TMB. I cut the mistake on the first day, and added the missing data on day 7. Data is missing after Courmayeur because I was sick and we skipped a part (day 5 and part of day 6).

What matters is the moment, the present, the landscapes, the flora and fauna, the food, the people you are traveling with. Live those moments fully. Cherish those memories.

The human body is really an amazing tool. Also a frustrating one.

Your body is a fantastic piece of hardware. Take care of it and it will give back tenfold. Listen to it and learn its limits.

It’s a cheese neighborhood.

Taking care of planet Earth and your own body will go a long way. Eating the right food will help big time. Be ambitious.

Closing Note

I hope you enjoyed this series, from prepping to the actual trek. I hope it will help you plan your next (or first) trek. And finally, we hope that we can inspire you to do your best and spread love and happiness around.

Stay safe. Love.